And it doesn’t matter how many gains I’m making out…

…also because untill you sell, and you have the money on your bank account, your are not making any profit.

The story behind my psychologic limitation is quite short and common, on the “cryptoshype” I was involved with mtGox “puff/disappeared” exchange, with some dollars (well euros since I’m italian) so I promised myself to “don’t fall again in the crypto black hole”. But every tentation that is made to be broken, so I fallen in it again some time after. …

I ran in this trouble, where Photoshop app can’t be opened, after I used Migration on my MacBook Air from my Intel iMac.

I think I’ve reached a good level of information for this 800x480px (Pimoroni HyperPixel 4") display:

But this image don’t tell a lot if you haven’t spent days in watching the code and organizing the sections in order to make it usefuel and aesthetically pleasant, so here are the changes highlighted:

Because it’s a real mess to reinstall Big Sur!

I don’t know what went on with this time but it has drove me crazy for one morning… let’s start the story saying that those ARM Macs are beautiful/fantistic/great products!

So I bought a MacBook Air, and in order to start I thought “too lazy to prepare again all the thing of my installation, I haven’t done it, and I’m cloning it, since Snow Leopard…” so, let’s try as usual with the great and indispensable Carbon Copy Cloner. So I started the MBA holding the power button, entered recovery mode, set…

In the research of show more useful stats/infos on the display of my Raspberry PI I found another useful data: when Unbound has updated the root.hints file with the 13 root name servers in order to get the authoritative name servers. A you can see from the image I added under the Unboun section the “Updated: January 11, 2021

But I run in some trouble for a quite silly reason: if you have installed Unbound via a package manager, it has downloaded and installed the root.hints, and updated, by default in /usr/share/dns/. …

Unfortunately after almost 10 years of great service, my photo backup hard drive has encountered some troubles… I don’t know what was wrong because from my checks all was good, but I still wasn’t unable to tranfer files, after 4/5Gb it was failing every time. See these weird errors:

I’ve just read on CanonWatch (article) about this new Canon camera that should be available on the market in the next weeks (and it’s already available for preorders). And I think anyone should boycott this thing but I also think that -fortunately- it will have no success and it will end up in the oblivion.

Canon PowerShot PICK

The camera is not a true camera, is more like CCTV camera, it stays on every time (well I hope the battery last the least possible, 2.5hours from the specs) and it should follow the faces in the area, and also a big area due…

Since I’m using Unbound on the Pi-Hole, that will give you better privacy and performance for your DNS, I wanted to have some infos about what Unbound is and how it’s performing. So I decided to delete some not useful (for me) infos on PADD, and I replaced them with Unbound stats.

I wrote a simply tutorial of my setup, that I suggest you to read before going forward, you can find it here.

First of all you need to enable Unbound stats by editing


and add this text

# Remote control config section. remote-control: control-enable: yes

Then restart…

I needed to play an italian television news only channel (Rai News 24) on my Echos devices without a display, but there wasn’t the skill to do it, so I built my own using the .m3u8 official stream from the channel, yes the stream with video, works as audio only on Echo devices.

And this is a simply tutorial to build the same if you are italian, or another straming radio/channel/tv with a custom stream url (I think works only for .m3u8 streams but you can try with other formats). Start:

Create a new developer account from, …

It’s stupid simply but why not put a smart plug under the Echo and use itself to securely cut the power/microphones to itself? …it just works and with some tips will surely improve your privacy a bit.

The background: I have some Meross smart plugs in my home, and one it was under the mosquito repellent plug-in, in order to turn it on/off before I go to sleep with an automation, in order to “clean up” the room from mosquitos :-) But now it’s winter and there isn’t any mosquito, so I was with this smart plug without know what/where…

Et cetera

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